ROC Food & Wine Experience

Sept. 23, 2017.  The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle partnered with several great sponsors to bring an awesome event to downtown Rochester.  There were tents set up for many local restaurants, chefs, and wine/beer/cider producers to share samples.  Duff Goldman (The Ace of Cakes) was the headliner.  He did a demo on the perfectly gooey apple pie.  Thomas Joseph, who is Director of Food Development for Martha Stewart Living, was the other headliner.

It was a perfectly beautiful day and about 1000 people attended.  I was honored to be part of this event.  People were very complimentary about the biscuits sliders I was sampling.

  • The Wing Biscuit: Blue Cheese-infused Biscuit, Pulled Chicken, Homemade Wing Sauce, Celery Spirals in Vinaigrette.
  • The King Biscuit: Peanut Butter-infused Biscuit, Peanut Butter Sauce, Banana Slices, Spicy/Candied Bacon.
Duff Goldman
Thomas Joseph
My Tent
Great Food Scene in ROC
Elizabeth Cranking Out More
Alex’s Finishing Touches
Grab a Biscuit
The King Biscuit
The Wing Biscuit
Great Stuff Chef Dan!

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