New Range

I have been without a kitchen for about four months!  We moved to a new house and are renovating the kitchen and main living areas.  I finally got my new oven up and running in the past week.  A perfectly roasted chicken and homemade gravy was the best way I could think to give the new oven a test drive.


I stuffed the cavity with tons of fresh herbs, placed several big garlic cloves in the pan to roast alongside the chicken, and simply seasoned the chicken with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Fries with fresh rosemary and sauteed green beans made excellent side dishes.  I used the chicken juices and a roux to create a wonderful gravy to tie it all together.  I love the new oven!


It is a Samsung 30-inch gas range.  It has 5 burners on the cook top and a “Flex-Duo” oven.  You can run two different temperatures at the top and bottom of the oven.  You can also opt for one large oven instead of the two smaller by removing the heat barrier in the center.  I thought this was very smart because there are times you need one big oven and times you are good with two smaller ovens.  The cook top burners really crank!  I give this range two thumbs up!


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