Fiamma Pizza – ROC’s best!

My wife surprised me with dinner out for Valentine’s Day.  What a memorable meal!  I will be telling everyone that the best pizza in Rochester is at Fiamma.  No disrespect to my other favorite (Joe’s Brooklyn in Henrietta is still the best place for a slice or a whole pie), but if you are looking for an authentic Italian sit-down experience, take the trip down Buffalo Rd. into Gates.

You will find a wood fired pizza like none other.   There will be no thought of discarding the crust on this pizza because you will be sopping up whatever you can with this one. They offer high-quality ingredients and a combination of traditional and specialty pizzas on the menu.

We had the Positano.  Listen to this one: butternut squash “sauce,” spicy pancetta, smoked mozz, and fresh basil.  These pizzas come out in a matter of minutes.  The edge is perfectly charred to add texture and flavor.  They even serve it whole with your own pizza cutter so you can slice any size piece you want.

We also had an appetizer of broccoli rabe, cannelini beans, and pork sausage (homage to greens and beans) and an orechiette pasta with a cauliflower bechamel sauce and guanciale.  Add a carafe of red wine and a laid-back ambiance and you couldn’t ask for much more.  We walked out with three boxes of leftovers which made for an awesome treat the following day!

Get a reservation and get out to Fiamma.



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