Homemade Pizzas (Buffalo Chicken and BBQ Chicken)

I watched the new Food Network show “Best. Ever.” and it was all about pizza.  Needless to say, I started started Jonesing some pie!

I made the pizza dough from scratch, using the dough attachment on my Cuisinart.  It’s flour, pinch of sugar and salt, olive oil, and yeast that has bloomed in warm water.  It comes together in to a nice ball of dough.  Let it proof for at least an hour.  Punch it down on a floured surface and roll out to desired consistency.


For the Buffalo Chicken Pizza:

  • Sliced Mozzarella
  • Pulled chicken mixed in Buffalo Wing Sauce (Frank’s Red Hot, melted butter, dab of honey)
  • Thinly sliced celery
  • Drizzle with a little more Buffalo Wing Sauce and Monterey Jack Cheese

For the BBQ Chicken Pizza:

  • Shredded White Cheddar Cheese and Monterey Jack
  • Pulled Chicken mixed in BBQ sauce
  • Diced Roasted Red Peppers
  • Black Beans
  • Drizzle with a little more BBQ sauce and fresh Cilantro


Bake at 450 degrees for 10-15 minutes.


Have both sauces on the side for those who want to add more.  Serve and enjoy!



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