Asian Dumplings

The kids and I had fun making these delicious ginger pork dumplings.



Place some ground pork in a large bowl.  Dice up fresh garlic and ginger.  Mix into the pork with a little soy sauce, salt, and pepper.  Set aside to be used for the filling.

Get some dumpling wrappers (won ton wrappers, egg roll wrappers, whatever you can find).  Set up a floured surface and a small ramekin of water.


Place about a tablespoon of the pork filling in the middle of the wrapper.  Brush water around the outside edge of the wrapper.  Flip over to create a half-moon shape.  Crimp the edge with a fork.  Get the kids involved in this assembly line process.

If you have a steamer, you can steam the dumplings.  I boiled them in salted water and then pan fried them.


I made a dipping sauce with soy sauce, raspberry preserves, ginger, and green onion.


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