Mediterranean Feast

Seasoned beef and Baba with pita, cucumbers, and tomatoes to dip in!

Baba Ghanoush
Preheat oven to 375
Slice eggplant into rounds and place on baking sheet.
Top with salt, pepper, and EVOO.
Roast for about 25 minutes, flipping once. (Work on the Beef while it cooks)
It is done when the flesh is soft and the skin can easily be peeled off.
Remove the skin and pop the flesh into your food processor.
Add salt, pepper, the juice of half a lemon, some granulated garlic and EVOO.
Whizz it up to a slightly chunky consistency.

Seasoned Beef
Place one pound of ground beef on a skillet with a diced onion.
Season with salt, pepper, cumin, corriander, cinnamon, and pine nuts.

Plate with the Baba around the rim and the beef nested in the middle.
Serve with fresh pita, pita chips, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Opa!


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