Grilled Eggplant Pasta

Grilled Eggplant Pasta

Great, hearty dish to feed a big group!

Slice an eggplant into thin discs. Smear with olive oil and a little salt. Grill to get nice char marks. Let cool a bit, then slice into smaller pieces.

Get a pan sauce going:
Dice and sweat an onion in EVOO, then add:
28 oz. can of crushed tomatoes
Any other fresh tomatoes you have on hand
1/2 cup of red wine
Fresh basil
Minced garlic
Salt and Pepper
Add the grilled eggplant pieces when they are ready and let the sauce simmer.

Prepare your favorite pasta to al dente.
Mix the pasta into the sauce to finish cooking.
Top with shaved parm. and fresh basil.

Serve with a nice red wine and crusty bread.
This would also go very well with a steak or other protein.


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